3SYS Solutions Srl is a trading company based in Alba Iulia - Romania and having excellent business experience to undertake the responsibilities to work within the requirements and satisfaction of our partners all over the world. We dedicated ourselves to offer our business services in meeting the requirements of our buyers at one hand and on the other hand arranging the supplies from our most reliable suppliers at most competitive prices and with best workable terms and conditions. We are enjoying good relationships with our suppliers, and we are able to offer best quality goods at competitive prices on:

42.5 ordinary portland cement, urea, REBAR, D2, olive oil, wine and other commodities.

Cement, Urea, REBAR, D2 or others; Tell Us what you need and we'll find it! Across town or across the world, 3SYS Solutions Srl will work quickly to find any product, raw material or resource that you need.

We work with our business partners from all over the world, including Europe, USA, Asia, South America and Australia, and all of them are well known and are reputable companies in their respective fields (42.5 ordinary portland cement, rebar, urea businesses etc.).

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